Saturday, March 31, 2012



All that is inhumane must be banned from every culture and nation. In
the last decade we have heard a lot about Islam and how compassionate
and merciful it is. Well you can judge a religion, culture and nation
on how well they treat their animals. I have always had compassion and
mercy for animals, and have rescued a few in my time from rescue
homes. The land of Joseph is known as an animal loving country, and it
is usually humane to animals as well. However, when Islam arrived in
this land of Joseph, it brought shame upon this land when it brought
its inhumanity with it.

The difference between Judeo-Christian philosophy and Islamic
philosophy is huge. The Jewish prophets told the people to talk to the
animals and to learn from them. To understand their signs and their

Most people in Western nations are not aware that they are eating meat
that has been slaughtered in an inhumane way, and as a nation we
should not allow it to continue. It should be banned completely from
our soil, and driven from our land. For the LORD God asked for mercy
not sacrifice.

There is a saying that you can tell how humane a society is, by how
they treat their animals. Well this is how Islam treat animals, they
skin them alive. The images are graphic and I highly recommend that
you view it and always remember it. For the LORD God warned the people
about eating meat with hooves three times since 2008, and Islam has
blood on its hands. Not only by slaughtering animals in this way, but
by murdering doctors in Bahrain that were helping protestors. Doctors
also now stand trial for being compassionate and merciful people.

AUSTRALIAN Muslim Halal Certification company owner laughs, “You are
eating halal day and night,” and paying a premium for it (jizzya?).
“All the anti-halal protesting is water off a duck’s back, it actually
increases my business and I’m a millionaire.”

There are some that are laughing at the Westerners because you are
paying for your own cultural genocide and demise. However, as the LORD
God said to Liberals, 'They will be laughing on the other sides of
their faces'. 'If Muslims do not join the human race, then they will
get left out in the cold'.

Muslims have had 1,400 years to make their laws humane, and they did
not do so. Now they will pay the price for being inhumane, and
allowing it to continue for generations. If Muslims wish to eat food
prepared in an inhumane way, then they can go to an inhumane Islamic
country to eat it.You shall not pollute the land where the LORD God
dwells with bloodshed.

Or they can choose to return to sanity, and humanity and all that is
sacred. As the Son of God said to the orthodox 'Trample your garments
of pride under your feet' because he knew that pride always comes
before the fall.

Islamic pride has been paraded in the streets of Western nations, and
their pride is no different to the gay pride marches in the eyes of
the LORD God and his Messenger of the Covenant. His Son also said "If
women were meant to cover their heads they would have been born with a
foreskin'. Profound words, because he also stands against
circumcision, another inhumane activity carried out by the orthodox.
Did you know that when you cut the skin of a child, it mutates their
genetics? That then impacts on future generations.

Mutated genetics also creates skin disease, allergies and a lot more.
In effect, the orthodox of the world are co-creating diseases for the
children of the world, not just now but in the future. It will take at
least 3-4 generations of people being uncut before the genetics will
right itself once more. Teshuvah humanity, teshuvah.

As such this is not just about cruelty to animals, it is about cruelty
to the unborn child as well.

As the LORD God said 'No compromise', 'The King is not allowing'.

So it is time to ban all that is inhumane from your nations and
cultures.If you do not do so; then you cannot return this planet to
harmonic balance.



  1. These biblical quotes have been shown to me today.

    Acts 21:25
    As for the Gentile believers, we have written to them our decision that they should abstain from food sacrificed to idols, from blood, from the meat of strangled animals and from sexual immorality.”

    Rev 2 also mentions Jezebel 'eating of foods sacrificed to idols'. Jezebel is also to do with the USA, she was Elizabeth Claire Prophet. That means that this has been going on in the USA.

    Some have pointed out that orthodox Jewish people that only eat Kosher meat have the same issue.

    No not the same issue for the following the reasons:

    1. The prayer is not to Allah
    2. Kosher meat is sold by kosher butchers and there are few of them.
    3. The meat industry in the EU did not expand to accommodate Kosher meat.
    4. Kosher meat was not inflicted on or sold without being known by Europeans. There were few kosher restaurants and if you ate there then you knew that you were eating kosher meat.
    5. That then begs the question of how many Indian restaurants are serving food that is Halal to Muslims but adultery to Christians, Atheists and secular people.
    6. I use the word 'adultery' in this context, because the texts, that speak of the 'meat and idols' also speak of 'sexual immorality.' As such in the spiritual law, there is no difference between 'sexuality immorality' and eating foods that have been slaughtered in such a way.
    7. So then you can understand that when people are 'sexually immoral' it has the same impact on their being as an animal being slaughtered to idols.
    8. There is a requirement for scientific research to be carried out on the impact of 'sexual immorality' on the being of the human.
    9. Then there is a requirement for scientific research on those that eat meat that have been slaughtered inhumanly compared with those that have not eaten it.
    10. Does reality show us that those that eat halal meat are more 'immoral' than those that do not? Well one example of that is the Islamic repressive regimes. Those that eat the meat of animals that have been repressed are more likely to be repressive and oppressive.The same was shown scientifically when the scientists looked at those that had been circumised as babies, it was found that those that were cut had a greater tendency to anger when provoked.

  2. The bible also states that those that are provoked easily are fools. In other words there is a requirement for healing and a return to the sacred so that provocation does not trigger what they hold inside due to being cut. Its about understanding reality, co-creation, what people have become and why. Its clear that an animal that has roamed free, been nurtured and loved, had a good life, will be more healthy for people than an animal that has experienced great pain and suffering.
    In the same way that a person that puts themselves through 'sexuality immorality' suffers, there is no escaping reality, the power of life experience, its energy and its impact on each and every person.

    As such being inhumane to animals is immoral, and it is related to sexual energies. As such, there is no difference between a person that is inhumane to an animal, to a person that is inhumane to a child. They carry the same penalty in the spiritual law because what you consume energetically, you become.

    If we look back over recent decades, the diversity of diet and consumption has changed and with it societies and cultures. Asians have become obese on Western diets.

    The Jewish people have become more tender as the biblical prophecies predicted due to their change of appetite and diet. Their change of diet was also impacted upon by change in the spiritual realms. They came to know that they didn't have to be a fig tree, they could be any tree that they chose to live gloriously in the name of the LORD. Choice was in their hand, the more diverse their community became, the more diversity embraced them and they were intuitive enough, in most cases to pick the best.

    That is not alien to the Christ teachings when he predicted that in this timeline, the Angels would throw away the bad fish and keep the best.

    Love beyond measure